Personal Bond

What is a Personal Bond?

A type of bond set by a magistrate or judge which authorizes the release of the defendant without sureties or other security.

Who Qualifies?

1.  The Local Rules adopted by the District Court of Kleberg and Kenedy Counties, Texas and the County Court-at-Law of Kleberg County, Texas state: 

       Rule 6.03 Personal Bond Office 

a.  The Magistrate shall presume that every person is eligible for personal bond, regardless of the offense charged or the person’s previous record., except as provided in sub-Rule c:  On motion of the State and after a hearing, upon a showing of good cause and with findings on the record, the Magistrate may deny a personal bond to a person.

In addition to the above local rules, the Personal Bond Office weighs various positive and negative factors to determine personal bond eligibility.

Personal Bond Fees

*A personal bond fee of $20 or three percent (3%) of the amount of the bail, whichever is greater will be assessed.  The court may waive the fee or assess a lesser fee if good cause is shown. 

  • Western Union

  • Cashier’s Check

  • Money Order

  • Cash (accepted, if paid at the CSCD office only)

  • Inmate Trust Fund Check  

  • Credit Card


Question 1.  Do I get my money back after I show up to all court dates or if my case is dismissed or rejected by the court?

Answer: No the personal bond fee is non-refundable

Question 2.   If a personal bond is denied for my case, can I         still bond out on any other type of bond?

Answer:  Yes, unless you have a detainer or “hold”, you may still qualify for the other types of bond, such as cash (misdemeanor cases only), or surety. 

Question 3.  What is the difference between Personal Bond and Pretrial Services? 

Answer:  The main function of the Personal Bond Office is to keep you up to date with upcoming court dates and make sure you appear for court as scheduled.

        The main function of Pretrial Services is to supervise you until your case is disposed of.  Pretrial Services also conducts a battery of tests necessary to compile a Pre-Sentence   Investigation Report or Alcohol Screening Report that is provided to the sentencing   court.



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