I.  Treatment Alternative to Incarceration Program (TAIP) - Services provided by the following:

a. Coastal Bend Outpatient Program Outpatient Counseling Program is a weekly 2 hour alcohol and drug counseling focusing on the interruption of drug use through counseling, drug educational, group therapy and individual counseling. Outpatient counseling duration period is five to six  months. Random drug testing is also part of the counseling experience. 

b. Coastal Bend Intensive Outpatient Program - Intensive Outpatient Counseling is geared for the offender who has failed to maintain sobriety through outpatient counseling and or drug educational groups. The group meets for nine (9) weekly counseling hours which consist of Twelve Step Model Counseling, Drug Education, Alcoholic Anonymous/Narcotic Anonymous and Process Group focused at getting the offender off drugs and maintain sobriety for proactive lifestyles. The program is from four to six weeks in duration. Random drug testing is also part of this program.

c.  Coastal Bend Relapse Prevention Program - Relapse Prevention Group is a five to six  month program that is geared for offenders that have completed inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient counseling or who have been assessed as appropriate. The group consist of identifying relapse triggers, warning signs and preparing and verbalizing a relapse prevention plan as well as working knowledge of the 1st Step. The group is didactic with Twelve Step Principles, Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotic Anonymous and other self help groups. Individual counseling session as well as random drug testing. 

II. Residential Intensive TAIP Experience (RITE Program) RITE PROGRAM provides residential alcohol/drug treatment for individuals that are in need of more  intensive intervention for their alcohol/drug use. The facility is located in Corpus Christi Texas and is a locked facility. The program length is for a period of not less than sixty days and not more that 120 days. Services provided by facility are modeled after the Twelve Step Model, Drug Education, Big Book Study, Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous, Relapse Prevention and other daily activities.

III.  Physicals for Antabuse Clients - Services provided by Dr. Hugo M. Toro for physical and lab work and medical clearance for the ingestion of antabuse.  Offenders are assessed and/or evaluated for program participation and upon medical clearance enter a six- (6) month program of antabuse therapy, which includes counseling therapy services. Ongoing medical service maintenance is conducted on an as needed basis. 

IV.  Psychological Testing Services - Services provided by Dr. Sharon Rogers. Services include psychological testing on court ordered condition of supervision on all Sex Offenders and cases that have been evaluated as requiring recommendations for treatment. Psychological battery tests include the following:

  1. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale Revised

  2. Wide Range Achievement Test 3 (WRAT)

  3. Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test

  4. Trail Making Test A & B

  5.  Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)    (Interpretation Only)

  6. Multiphasic Sex Inventory (MSI).  Only for Sex Offenders (Interpretation Only)

  7. Abel and Becker Cognition Scale

  8. Thematic and Apperception Test

V. Polygraph Service - Services provided by a licensed Polygraphist which include clinical polygraph examinations in accordance with State law. The administration of sexual history disclosure examinations and instant offense and maintenance examinations. Purpose of the polygraph is to monitor any possible ongoing violations which may be committed by sex offenders in the overall maintenance and supervision.


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