1.  Four-Tier Supervision System--- Supervision system grouping offenders by risks/needs and providing the flexibility for supervising as intensely as is required.  Supervision Officers monitor compliance with the conditions of supervision and assist the offender in acquiring special services.  The system also contains the flexibility for easier movement between supervision levels when appropriate. 

2.  Intensive Supervision---  A type of supervision which requires a more intense plan for rehabilitation as well as incapacitation.  An Officer who manages an ISP caseload generally has a smaller caseload so as to increase the time needed to adequately supervise the offender.

3.  Specialized Caseloads--- Grouping of Special Needs offenders who share the same type of problem and supervised by a Supervision Officer who is experienced and trained in the problem area.  Kleberg County CSCD has the following specialized caseload types:
a. Sex offenders
b. Substance abuse (SAFPF Graduates)

4.  Compact Services--- Supervision of offenders placed on community supervision who do not reside in the county of conviction and/or sentence but do meet specific eligibility criteria, may be transferred to another Texas County or State.


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