1. Pre-Trial Services---  Includes a variety of services such as extensive interviewing, assessment of offender risks and needs, determining risk of flight, recommendations for bond based on objective data gathering, recommendations for counseling or treatment, recommendations for special conditions on supervised release, etc.

a. Screening / Assessment:  Part of the intake process which concentrates on gathering information about the individual offender in order to determine any special counseling or educational services that may be required, as well as determining the necessary level of supervision.

b. Pre-Trial Release:  Release of an offender before trial to remain in the community or outside of the community under the supervision of the CSCD so long as they comply with the conditions of their bond or supervision requirements.  Supervision may incorporate treatment, counseling, education requirements, or electronic monitoring.  A violation may result in revocation of bond. 

c. Pre-Trial Diversion:  An arrangement between the Prosecutor of the Felony and Misdemeanor court and with the Judge of said court to defer defendant's prosecution and release them into the community so long as they comply with certain conditions such as specific treatment, counseling, and no new arrests.  The program is primarily focused on first time offenders.  A violation may result in proceeding with prosecution.


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