May we welcome you to volunteer work with the Kleberg County Community Supervision and Corrections Department.  Your attention is drawn to a certain crucial minimum set of rules, the observance of which is necessary when working in a court setting.

1.  RESPECT CONFIDENTIALITY AT ALL TIMES.  Anything you learn or do in relation to the offender or his family is not under any circumstances, to be divulged to anyone who is not professionally involved with the client.  This is privileged to protect the rights of  the client and his family. 

2.  WHEN IN DOUBT ASK THE PROBATION OFFICER BEFORE TAKING ACTION.  Whenever you have the slightest doubt as to what your legal or law enforcement obligations are, you should check with the Probation Officer.  Do this immediately, before taking any action which might be seriously wrong or even illegal.  With authority comes responsibility.  While you cannot be held legally accountable for a client or his actions, you will have certain responsibilities to the Court, including:  continual feedback, cooperation, reliability, and progress evaluations.  Your Probation Officer will supervise your work, acting as advisor and consultant, since he/she has ultimate responsibility for the clients.

3.  IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT COURT ORDER CONCERNING A PROBATIONER BE UNDERSTOOD AND COMPLIED WITH.  Most of us fully appreciate the counseling and rehabilitation aspects of our work, and there is not intent to minimize these here.  On the other hand, it must be understood that in Court work with convicted felons placed on probation, this counseling and framework of the probationerís compliance with the requirements of law and his probationary rules.


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